The angel on her shoulder

He gave up and went

The devil stuck around

Till his patience was spent

And she sat there alone

On her living room floor

Wondering if she could ever be sure

Because if it ain’t broke

Then it don’t need fixing

But what can you do

If the pieces go missing

The night was too quiet

The day was too loud

Everyone else had her

All figured out

So she swallowed her pills

And she wrote some things down

And she waited until her heart didn’t pound

Yes if it ain’t broke

Then it don’t need fixing

But what can you do

If the pieces go missing

Awake and alone

She stared at the clock

The only face left

And it wouldn’t talk

The ceilings said nothing

And nor did the floors

They all held their breath for a knock on the door

Saying If it ain’t broke

Then it don’t need fixing

But what can you do

If the pieces go missing

She read about someone

Who fell off a wall

Who couldn’t be put

Back together at all

Her heart lay in pieces

All over again

As she fell asleep dreaming of all the king’s men

Singing If it ain’t broke

Then it don’t need fixing

But what can you do

If the pieces go missing



Time Out (a Poem)

I was too shy to hold your hand

To figure out if our fingers fit together

Like gears in a clock

My hopes would click and spin

And whirl around and chime

My heart would tick and tock

When you smiled

But we ran out of time

I was too quiet to tell you that

I waited by the phone for you to call

To walk with me to the dining hall

Half past six would come and go

Overcooked meat and curly fries

Got cold as I would watch your eyes

But we ran out of time

I was too young to understand so you

Were in my best laid plans

Spread out as far as the eye can see

As far as I knew it was you

And me and we were going to always be

But we ran out of time

You were too soon

In leaving me behind for things

That I would never see or smell or taste

Or hear or have the reach to touch

Things in a world that weighed too much

We tried to listen and talk and such

And tell each other that things would all be fine

But we ran out of time

It’s been too long

Since I have heard your voice

The fragile words that held your heavy choice

Like sand within the glass you slipped away

From me so fast

I tried to rub away the past

To wipe you from my heart at last

To clear you finally from my mind

Once and for all and to be free at last

But I ran out of time

– BAH (15 July 2010)

the ballad of icarus

Hey all , here is a brand new poem! Who knows if WP will preserve my formatting? It rarely does! But I hope you enjoy, nonetheless.

Row, row, row your boat

Down the stream of Consciousness

Crying out like Paul Revere

Something’s coming

Find your bliss

Hold your hands out for the lemons

Life is bound to hand to you

Leave them lying at your feet

Cause you have better things to do

Like close your eyes

Close your eyes

To dream of flying

Take the pills and listen

To the things the experts have to say

Save it with your favorite songs

To use up on a rainy day

Pick the flowers from the yard

And place them there behind your ear

I want to set a whisper there

But you must do this first to hear

So close your eyes

Close your eyes

To dream of flying

Icarus fell to the earth

With ego bruised, afraid and burned

They asked him “Friend, what can you share?

What should we do? What have you learned?”

He said that life had humbled him

That was the truth, that much he knew

“When you feel that all is lost,

There’s only one thing you can do”

Just close your eyes

Close your eyes

To dream of flying

Yes, close your eyes.

Close your eyes

And dream of flying

June 6, 2010

the reason for moonlight

The Reason for Moonlight (a love story)


The Sun and Moon were sat one day

Beneath a shady tree

While on a picnic with the Clouds

On blankets by the sea.

The Sun said to the Moon,

“My dear, how do you look so fair?

How does your beauty shine so bright

That poets gawk and stare?”

The Moon looked at the Sun and blushed;

Her laugh drew in the tide.

She called the Clouds around her

To have a place to hide.

The waves wanted to eavesdrop.

They clamored for the shore

While Sun peered through the fog at Moon

To marvel and adore.

“Come out from there, my darling.

The stars are looking pale.

Without your smile to guide the night

Its sweet air will go stale.”

Then Moon emerged and sent the Clouds

To bed upon the grass.

They tickled all the blades with dew

And made them shine like glass.

Sun peeked over the Earth at Moon

To flirt away the days.

Her glances made him clumsy

He scattered all his rays

One day Moon called Sun over

To whisper in his ear,

“I will tell you now the secret

Of my beauty, Sun, my dear”

“You are my secret,” said the Moon,

“I shine because of you

My face would be so cold and grey

Without your light, it’s true.”

“There’d be no night without the day.

The world would not repose.

And it will have no need for me

Unless you hold me close.”

Sun made a vow to Moon then

To keep her as his own

To watch the World with her

And leave her not alone.

His gaze is on her even now

Embracing her in beams

And filling Earth between them

With days and nights and dreams.

shark fins

Holding hands

Is what people in dreams do

Dancing stars

Fall between me before you

And we lose ourselves

Shopping malls

Look better in outer space


Wash the freckles from your face

And we lose ourselves

Will I find you

Will I find you

When I wake up
Roller skates

Are more fun on the sidewalk

Rainbows scraped

On the driveway in orange chalk

And we close our eyes


Fills a glass in a diner

Running late

Life has never looked finer

And we close our eyes
Will I find you

Will I find you

When I wake up
Children play

In the dirt on the playground

Dinner bells

Make obtrusive alert sounds

And you see my face

Picture frames

Made of pasta and sequins

Swimming pools

Full of hands making shark fins

And you see my face
You have found me

You have found me

And I wake up

– Beth Hopkins

(Please ask permission before copying and sharing with others. Many thanks!)

stars like salt

God spilled the stars in the sky

Tonight, like salt

On a black tablecloth

Red, like wine

The sun bursts forth

And there are miles between you and me

Night and Day follow each other

Like shy children on the schoolyard

While the ocean is pulled toward the moon

And I will not forget

The grass grows green

In every color, leaves fall

They flutter away on the wind

Like time

I wonder where you’ve gone

And the snowflakes remind me

Of infinity

North to L-4

Above ground


Nights and neighborhoods

Flash by

And we’re surrounded

Covered in rain

The city has gulped us

Deep down

Into its grimy belly

But your eyes

Still shine

Like little blue buttons

Push push push

People shove and shuffle by

And I consider

Where those canvas shoes

May carry you

Pleasantries squeeze out

Of my bashful mouth

Like rushed mothers

Through sliding doors

Wondering where to go next

Your smile wanders around your face


Scurrying through words

We teeter a moment

In a common place

My stomach lurches

Everything stops

Rushing out into the world

I leave your name behind

With handbags

And ticket stubs

I turn

You go

We remain in transit.

© Beth Hopkins 17 August 2009