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I’ve just entered my 30s, and it’s quite an adventure so far.

I currently live and work in Nashville, TN as a copywriter/social media writer/blogger for local businesses.

I am married to a wonderful man who speaks multiple languages and can sew his own clothes.

I love terrible puns, reckless laughter, and striving to live my faith better.

I love guest blogging and would be happy to submit one to your site. I’ve written about faith, disability, mental health, and popular culture for several blogs and love finding great partnerships.

I appreciate every word you take the time to read or reply with on this site.

Your comments and readership make me a better writer and human.

Thank you.

For copywriting or guest blogging inquiries,  or to share a blog from ICFUS on your site, please email me at 




26 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I just read your piece that was posted to Huffington Post. I am a youth minister and Christian counsellor and I want you to know how much I appreciate your honesty about the subject of faith healing. At college we used to have heated debates about this topic (I’m South African, and our college was a healthy mix of what you’d call evangelicals, catholics and calvinists) and I just wish I had this article back then. What you said about no one ever asking if you want to be healed especially stood out for me and made me think of my approach to physically disabled people. Our true need as God’s children is for spiritual wholeness. If God decides to grant physical healing it’s a bonus. Thank you for reminding me about that. Looking forward to reading more from you.


  2. Beth: I truly enjoy your sharp wit, both on your blog and in your Huffington Post article. To which Orthodox jurisdiction do you belong? I am a subdeacon in the Antiochian Archdiocese in California.

    T. L Frazier


    • Hi, Terrance
      Thanks for the read. Do stick around for more if you enjoy!
      I was converted Antiochian, but now attend a Greek Parish. Both are in and around the Nashville area.
      God’s Peace! -Beth


  3. Thank you Beth for a well-written article. You may want to post something on Able Road — AbleRoad™ connects people with accessible businesses. AbleRoad gives people with disabilities, families, friends, caregivers and business owners an online destination to rate and review community access.


  4. Hey Beth,
    I’m just discovering your blog! Not sure how I’m late to the party. Read your piece on DOMA at HuffPo and resound with your message. I will be following your posts on twitter to stay up with you, but I also had a question. I’m promoting a new Christian book called “Why We Eat Our Own”. It seems like something that Might be up your ally and wanted to know if you’d be interested in checking it out for a possible review. Let me know.
    -Cortland Coffey


  5. You write very well and I’m thrilled to see someone who can actually express a fair, nonconfrontational POV. I live in Nashville, too, and Kimmie Jones recommended I check out your blog 😉



  6. I’m going to share your work on my blog. Just URL’s and small excerpts. Your writing is lively and substantive. Hope you don’t mind. – Bill Gall (Arms Open Wide- the guy with a goatee. Scheduled for March 17. If you don’t like the picture I will delete it. Saw your guy on Twitter. Now that’s a real beard!


    • Hi, Bill:
      Fantastic. I will make sure to check it out and spread the word on my blog’s FB page (I encourage you to connect with me there). Your blog looks great, btw. I will definitely be exploring it soon. Happy soon-to-be-Lenting! 😉


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  8. Best ‘About’ page on WordPress—in my humble opinion. Were you always funny? Our funny one is my granddaughter Emma. When asked about her scraped up arm she replied, “yeah, I left a little skin at the park.” Maybe you had to be there.
    More about you—is that your dog? Are you an amateur person? I ask because I am, but I’m thinking of turning pro.
    Can’t believe I found your blog. I feel just like I did when I found a $20.00 in my coat pocket.


  9. You sound like a super gal! Find your walk in the Lord and He will open your heart and mind to many new things!

    Thanks for your visit…

    Steve Pejay


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