From the Desk of Kid President: a Personal Pep Talk

Yesterday, I wrote this blog, telling you about Robby, a third-grader with a giant, vibrant heart for humanity. He and his brother-in-law, Brad, make a series of Pep Talk videos for the Whole World. Robby [Kid President] is fond of calling people to be their awesome-est. And dancing like a crazy man.

Following my blog post, I wrote KP an email.

This afternoon, I received a reply from Brad, the brother-in-law of Kid President.  Brad makes the remarkable video series. Here’s an excerpt from the message he wrote:

Hey, Beth! Thank you so much for your message. Looked at your blog. Love what you are up to. Beautiful story you have . . .[and thanks] for sending KP and I some encouragement. I’ll share it with him! . . . The fact that you took time to write us tells me that you are a kind, compassionate and creative person. These are the exact qualities of every person who has ever made a positive dent on the world. You were made to be awesome. I’m excited to hear about what you’ll create and do to make the world dance. . . It means so much to both of us that you believe in what we’re doing. Keep dancing. Lots of love to you [from us]! – Brad [the guy who makes the videos]

Wow! My very own Pep Talk. Thanks, Brad and KP [And what do you know? We’re all Tennesseans! Rock n’ Roll, dance champs!]

I will keep you guys in the loop, and I promise I will work all the harder to be a party and make the world awesome!

Want to know more about KP? Keep up here on his website.


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