the best ten minutes of your day is in this blog.

I felt kind of horrendous for bits of last week. Studies show that feeling horrible isn’t good. 100% of the time, feeling horrible is unpleasant. I know how it feels when work gets you down, or when you feel lonesome, or when you remember with a few minutes to spare that your big paper is due tomorrow and not the day after tomorrow. It’s the worst. And sometimes you just have to admit that to God and the Internet and everybody.

But sometimes, life throws you a bone. Sometimes, there is a glimmer of hope in an otherwise Gloom-and-doom Sadfest.

Like today, someone called me back at work. Not to tell me about another problem, but to thank me for helping them. To let me know that everything was going to work out, and that they appreciated me walking them through it.

Excuse me, I thought, are you sure you have the right number?

But in that kind of situation, you don’t ask questions.

So.  just in case you’re having a rough week, or day, or whatever, I bring you two videos that I can solemnly-courtroom-style swear will comprise the Best Ten Minutes of Your Day. Go ahead. Bookmark it. You’ll be back.

First, this delightful animated short, Paperman, which is nominated for an Academy Award:

Let me guess, did it get the nomination for THE MOST ADORABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN?!

Go ahead. Watch it again. No one will judge you.

As if that isn’t wonderful enough, Soulpancake has put this kid on the map. He’s Kid President. And he has a Pep Talk. For you.

Best part? Not cool, Robert Frost!

What I love most about this video is the underlying assumption that everyone is awesome, and therefore, can be awesome and do things that are awesome. That includes you, you know.

Since it’s obvious that Kid President and I have a lot in common, it shouldn’t surprise you that I want to participate in making this an Awesome Year for Other People [and not just by dancing]. So I’m going to write up an email to the President himself, asking him to give an interview for this very blog. I’ll let you know what he says.

I hope it’s yes.

And I hope that if you were having a bad week, it just got better.

If not, let me know what else I can do.


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