the (block) party is over.

My friend Kimmie is awesome. She blogs, too. And she does it so well that she has fans other than her own mother [No offense, mom, I love you!] that send her goodies in the mail. She is becoming a bloglebrity. I am really proud of her.

I have been complaining to Kimmie for years about this and that. Today’s topic of discussion was a common one for me: what the flip do I blog about? Ever since starting this blog about 5 years ago [that seems long enough ago for me to have been writing about my favorite member of *Nsync, but I digress], I have struggled with content.


I went through a short story phase, a poetry phase, an interview phase, and an album review phase. But the story ran out of steam, the poetry was too sad, I couldn’t find enough of the right people to interview, and I had the opposite problem for album reviews [it proves a daunting task in Nashville where you are surrounded by both aspiring and actual talent].

My creativity is not neatly compartmentalized. My ideas are in piles. The exciting part is also the harrowing part: when it comes to rummaging through my own mind for ideas, I never know what I might find.


The other problem(s) I run into have to do with  complications resulting from utter lack of pop culture knowledge. You are looking at someone with no cable, who doesn’t listen to the radio, and whose most recent Netflix views include Matilda and Shaun the Sheep. Where do I turn for fodder when I run out of sociopolitical or theological observations? Who in the world can I relate to besides Kermit the Frog or Wallace and Gromit?

To go all Jane Austen on you, the whole thing vexes me greatly.

But the fact of the matter is, if I’m not writing, nobody’s reading. If I’m not committed to creating, no one else can be inspired to create through my art. If I’m not unpacking my emotional baggage in front of God and the Internet and everybody, someone else might not have the strength to let go and be themselves.

So I owe it to you all and to myself, and to cyberspace to set a goal.

My motto for 2013: i will KEEP WRITING.

My resolution: i will WRITE REGULARLY.

My goal: i will write a minimum of ONE BLOG A WEEK.

Yes, I’m type-shouting. Yes, it’s that important.

Because our Art is who we are: it’s the lifeline to all of our sparkly, wonderful greatness not only for ourselves, but for others. Making art makes us happy, sharing our art makes others happy.

So I might not have any idea where I’ll end up in the end, but I can tell you this much.

This year, I will write.


4 thoughts on “the (block) party is over.

  1. Ok, I love this. And you. I have been thinking the same thing lately, not necessarily that I need to blog more, but that I need to write more. Whether it’s in a blog or in my journal, I just need to write more. I feel the same way about my creativity as well. It’s just in piles. Although, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some people work better with a big mess of things rather than when everything is neatly put away into categories. One time, I do not remember this, but my parents do and so told me about it, my dad’s friend was at our house and I walked by the living room with a bunch of toys stacked on top of each other. They weren’t in any order really, but they were neat enough that I could carry it. My dad’s friend asked what I had there, and I responded, “It’s a pile.” What a great kid!
    So my point is piles can be good. And that comes from my small, approximately 4-year-old self.


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