Thanks be to Blog.

So sue me, I am a miserably inconsistent blogger.

And like anyone with an over-developed guilt complex, I take full responsibility for that.

I blame myself for not blogging. I blame myself and my full, hectic, exciting, small, simple, joyous, richly blessed life for keeping me away from all of you for so long.

But I don’t fret too much about you all being out of the loop. Because so many of you are nothing but involved in my life, nothing but aware of my goings on. Nothing but available and alert and sharing everything with me. Many of you have been there to take part in a host of my most infamous misadventures.

And each and every and all of you, I say thanks.



St John Chrsysostom was famous for many things, not the least of which were his dying words: “Glory Be to God for All Things!” He thanked God for everything. And over the past year, I have had everything: the good, the bad, the frustrating, the joyous, the heartbreaking, the uncertain, the confusing, the hilarious. And I am surrounded by people who have taught me to be thankful for it all.

  • To my Mom and Stepdad: thank you for supporting me in all things, for telling me the truth in all things, and for not accepting excuses for anythings. You have both helped me to grow and learn a great deal, and I thank you for that. And for letting me come over and watch cable sometimes.
  • To my Friends: thank you for loving me in all things, listening to me in all things, and driving me to all places, with humility, grace, and acceptance. You all are the kind of friends I strive and hope to be for you. You are all brilliant examples. Thank you for your company and your kindness, and for enduring my silliness with few complaints.
  • To my Workmates: thank you for keeping me sane. Seriously. 
  • To my Priest(s)/Church family: thank you for being icons of Christ and His Mother and Friends to me. I thank Them all for all of you. By His Grace, we are His Family.
  • To John: thank you for being a pleasant surprise. Thank you for building something with me  that bridges time zones, countries, and oceans. Thank you for your time, your kindness, your affection, your humor, and your uncanny read-aloud skills. You have brought me along on your adventures, and I look forward to seeing where they take us next. Thank you for taking me Off the Market. You’re incomparable.

To the rest of you: thank you for reading, for believing in my work, and for being. You are yourselves because each of you has something no one else does. Find it, and share it with others. 

Wishing you all a blessed, happy Thanksgiving holiday, with love.

Go easy on the Tryptophan.



One thought on “Thanks be to Blog.

  1. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, but having relatives who live in the States and friends who come from there, I decided to observe the day myself (albeit minus the turkey), as it is a great idea to devote a day especially to being thankful. I’m reminded of Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians: ‘Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.’ (1 Thes 5:18 – NIV)

    Being thankful is not just a good habit to have, but living your life with an attitude of gratitude will ensure you are healthier, more joyful, less stressed and all round a nicer person to be around. Thank you for a great blog (even if it’s a tad irregular) and for setting us all an example of thankfullness.


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