You know those parts in movies where you just know the Couple is Breaking Up, and then one looks melodramatically into the eyes/soul of the other and half-whispers, “I’m not giving up on you.” My relationship with blogging is nearly identical.

In fact, to take the creepy analogy a step further, “You could say I’ve been here all along.”

I have.

Recent Projects:

  • A guest post for my friend Kimmie’s fantastic blog, That Girl in the Wheelchair. You can read my post, “You’re So Brave and Other Assumptions” right about here.
  • Submissions for two successive issues of local literary magazine, Art House Nashville. [As soon as I have  a link to order copies available, I will post it on the ICFUS Facebook Page]. I have plans to be a regular contributor to this magazine, and am honored to be able to do so.

Please-God-Let-This-Happen Project:

Submitted an article for the Huffington Post based on all my Faith Healing shenanigans.

Waiting to hear back.

Hoping for the best.

Current/Forthcoming Projects

Album Reviews for Very Dear Friends:


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