GalileON with your bad self.

You guys remember Galileo, right?

Back in the day, the Catholic Church [Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!] put him under house arrest. Galileo preferred his theory of heliocentrism to theirs: geocentrism. In other words, he was all like, “Whatever, guys. The heavenly bodies revolve around the SUN. Not the Earth. Duh.” And they didn’t like the cut of his jib. So he spent the rest of his life in confinement over something we wouldn’t hesitate to affirm today.

It gets me wondering. Because I am a deep thinker and an intense feeler. Despite my apparent extroversion, it is very easy for me to internalize things that I think and feel about myself, and I tend to get lost in my own thoughts. And the stronger a feeling is, the easier it is for me to accept it. But just because I believe something very strongly does not make it true. In fact, when it comes to believing something super negative about myself, my life, or how I relate to others, the opposite is almost always true.

Galileo wouldn’t stand for that kind of thing.

I like to imagine his staunch rebuttal of untruth whenever my self-esteem is down to critical levels.


Me: Oh, man. This is hard. No one except for me has ever been through this, and I will never survive.

Galileo: Wow. Um. First of all, calm down. Secondly, you’re not an anomaly. While there is a great deal of variance in human life, many circumstances are common to us all. And you’re probably not going to die. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. YOU’LL MAKE IT. I REFUSE TO BACK DOWN.

[or . . .]

Me: Man. I am a difficult person to deal with, and my friends are just around me because they’re nicer than average.

Galileo: It’s cute that you think that. But it’s WRONG. It is a FALSEHOOD. Your friends hang around you because everyone needs friends. Including your friends. 

[or. . .]

Me: I will never be able to handle the ever-increasing number of responsibilities in my uncomfortably grown-up life. I am starting to regret this job/apartment/career/major life decision, and am going to commence an uncomfortable-for-everyone self-loathing session.

Galileo: Seriously? This is getting ridiculous. Obviously, you wouldn’t be in this situation if you didn’t have the ways and means to get here. Things will work themselves out with time. And you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s another part of the human experience. I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS. GIVE ME ONE OF THOSE OBNOXIOUS ANKLE MONITORS IF YOU HAVE TO. I STICK TO MY GUNS. I’M GALILEO.


See how easy that is? The next time you have a pressing thought that’s obviously bringing you down, ask yourself: is this true? If it is true, keep calm, eat some ice cream, say a few prayers, and revisit the whole thing later. If it isn’t true, [which is probably the case] go all Galileo on it.

Tell yourself the truth of the matter and stick to it. No matter what.

Make old GG proud.


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