help me get a video-letter to Stephen Colbert, Job Creator


Each and every one of you knows that I am a red-blooded American. [O-Negative, actually. I know. I have very versatile platelets. One of my myriad talents.] And because I am so American, I am also rather Unemployed. Recently, I decided to (wo)man up and reach out to someone who could do something about it. Someone with real pull, real clout, real Americanosity.

About 1.3 million people tune in to Stephen’s nightly broadcast, with an untold number of online viewers, and Social Media fans. He has hosted massive rallies, petitioned to have space stations named for him [successfully, though they reneged], and has encouraged thousands to give money to his equal-parts-successful-and-ambiguous Colbert Super Pac.

The other day, as part of his Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude, Stephen offered to pay a Santa who was fired from his longtime general store holiday job for wages he would lose this year, as his own personal effort to save Christmas.

Light. Bulb.

If Stephen prides himself on being a Job Creator, why can’t he create a job for me?

I think he can. In fact, I know he can.  So in my next video blog, I plan to call Stephen, his Super Pac, and his job-creating-skills as a member of the 1% to task. And I need your help. In order for the video to reach Stephen, I will need lots of social media support, lots of sharing and passing around of the letter and video blog.  I will need every loudmouth you know to share, re-post and retweet until it crosses his desk. And by desk, I mean Smartphone screen.

This is your mission. I am counting on you, America.

And on the viral nature of the Internet.

More to come SOON.



One thought on “help me get a video-letter to Stephen Colbert, Job Creator

  1. This is a brilliant idea! Actually, I wonder if it could be something that his SuperPac could actually do. I mean, it is clearly a publicity stunt, but there’s a case to be made. Surely he and his people want to do some actual good in this country. Hiring “consultants” could be one of them, couldn’t it?


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