just a bunch of kooks

You have probably seen these people before, and are aware of the significance of this photo in the world[s] of music and pop culture.

See the guy over there on the sidewalk, just behind that chap in the white? That’s Paul Cole. He is now 92-years-old, is still living in England, and has never listened to Abbey Road. When asked about the day this picture was taken, Cole said he thought the pack of guys repeatedly crossing the road was “just a bunch of  kooks”. As the article below explains,  he does know about the Beatles, and has heard a few of their songs. He “simply prefers classical music”.

I have to state the obvious: I just love this story. Not only do I find Paul Cole and his simplicity endearing, the whole thing makes me think about things [and not just things like how you could go your entire life without listening to musical genius the likes of Abbey Road].

It reminds me to pay attention. Because I never know who might cross my path, where I might be able to go, or what I might be able to do when I get there.

It reminds me to be present. I might not have to do some big, incredible thing to be remembered. I may just be able to sit where I am and be who I am. In fact, most of the time, I think that’s the whole idea.

And it reminds me I need perspective.  It’s all in how you look at it. Whether it’s others, my experience, or my self, how I choose to see things really does color my experience.

I may be a kook, or I may be rock n’ roll.


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