Just LIKE This: Author Nick May & MINUTEMEN

This is Nick May.

And in his forthcoming novel, MINUTEMEN, he is making a huge mess.

May is an independent author in the throes of quarterlife from Panama City, Florida. Since earning his B.A. in English and Creative Writing from the University of West Florida in 2010, he has focused his energies on satire and the Southern avant-garde. May loves the South, and has a keen interest in Southern Mythologies. [Have any of you Flannery O’ Connor fans started taking notes yet?]

illustration, "The Cotton Brothers Barn"

His first novel, MEGABELT,  [Energion Publications, Pensacola] is a satirical narrative memoir about a young boy growing up in the Bible Belt. May says MINUTEMEN is “quite a departure from that style. It’s still very comical in its own right, but I like to call it a ‘satirical thriller’.”

Want a Synopsis? MINUTEMEN follows four disgruntled dudes: Thom, John, Nate and Ezra; each reeling from the collapse of his relationship, right into the center of a colossal mess. When the Gulf Oil Crisis ensues, B Nocturne, a Madame and club owner, convinces the young men to manage her quickly-growing network of illicit activity–a result of her scheme to capitalize on the oil cleanup effort.

Once Madame B has the boys where she wants them, a series of subsequent oil spills occurs, causing the the hazwopers to come swarming her headquarters, the Moss Head Motel. The Motel fast becomes the epicenter for the biggest, ongoing nightly bizarre of illegal recreation the Gulf town of Indian River has ever seen.

As his “MINUTEMEN in a Minute” videos indicate, May has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to offset publishing costs for MINUTEMEN. And the clock is ticking. With just under a week to raise a chunk of change, YOU can save the day for an independent release, and be a significant part of its coming to fruition. . . if you fancy. [Not to mention your contribution will earn some most excellent swag; more details can be found on the Kickstarter page].

May is starting his own publishing company called Eucatastrophe Press, with plans for MINUTEMEN to be its flagship title.

Fingers crossed.

Nick’s first book, MEGABELT, can be purchased through his Amazon page [In paperback and for Kindle. Fancy.

Nick has a blog called Song of Salmon. [And we all know how cool bloggers are. Duh.]

Nick is also alive and kickin’ in the Social Stratosphere, and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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