Just Like This: Building Uganda/ Back to the Bible Truth [BBT Evangelistic Team]

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, or are just good guessers, may know that I do some promotion for nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals here and there. I thought this would be as good a forum as any to keep that going.

The result? a new mini-feature for the site called Just Like This. Get it? “Like” as in Facebook and “Like” as in Real Life are the SAME word.  You can see new projects/people I’m helping spread the word about as I add them. And you can be  a part of helping me raise awareness about them by Liking their Facebook pages and Sharing them amongst your friends.

students in one of many schools established by BBT

Building Uganda/Back to the Bible Truth [BBT] Evangelistic Team

The first to be featured on this series is Building Uganda/Back to the Bible Truth [BBT] Evangelistic Team. A friend of mine offered me the chance to work with this organization on social media projects such as Facebook, and increasing their overall online presence. I had the opportunity to meet their founder, Alex Mitala, on his most recent stateside trip and was eager to start work with them.

At the time of Mitala’s conversion to Christianity, Ugandan Dictator Idi Amin was persecuting Christians, and trying to force them to convert to Islam. When Mitala and those working with him refused to renounce Christianity, Amin closed their churches and dispersed their missionaries.

Many people Mitala worked with were killed and imprisoned as a result of the persecution.  Their church was forced underground, conducting its meetings and activities in secret. In 1974, Mitala joined the underground preaching teams in an effort to encourage the underground churches.

In 1978, Mitala began smuggling Christian literature from Kenya into Uganda for the underground church. Soldiers working for Idi Amin arrested him, but his life was spared, and he was released shortly thereafter.

Mitala stayed in Kenya until 1979, when Idi Amin was overthrown. He then returned to Uganda to start a ministry of Evangelism and Church planting while attending a Kenyan Bible School and taking correspondence courses.

Building Uganda and the Back to the Bible Truth [BBT] Evangelistic Team were started by Mitala to plant and oversee churches throughout Uganda, while supporting the communities in which the churches are founded. Mitala defines their vision thus:

  • To once again preach the gospel in Uganda
  • To plant new local churches
  • To encourage others to work together.

The outreach and programming of BBT includes:

  • Evangelism and Church Planting
  • Women of Significance [women’s ministry, education and training]
  • The Glory of Virginity Movement  (GLOVIMO) [abstinence education, counseling and training program]
  • Child Care and Advocacy [including care and oversight of orphanages and Children’s Homes]
  • Vocational Trade schools
  • Bible Training [through Fishers of Men School of Ministry (FOMPSM)]  Health Care [clinics, education and support in areas of ministry]
  • Agriculture [to support communities in which churches are planted, and children served through childcare programs]
  • Media Ministry [weekly radio and television broadcasts]

health services program staff at BBT

The thing I like most about the BBT approach is that it does not just stop at planting churches and similar ‘traditional mission work’. Their work is focused on strengthening the communities in which the churches are planted. Along with a church and a pastor, community members are given instruction and resources regarding healthcare, education, and sustainable agriculture. Although support for the communities and churches remains available through connection to BBT staff, part of the goal of their programming is to create more self-sufficient, healthier communities.

In addition, of course, I appreciate the extensive work that is done to feed, teach and care for orphaned and disadvantaged children. No matter what your expression of faith, I think we can all agree that is a worthy mission to support.

Click here for the Building Uganda/BBT website.

Click here for their Facebook page. [Help them feel LIKEd.]



One thought on “Just Like This: Building Uganda/ Back to the Bible Truth [BBT Evangelistic Team]

  1. Love this idea for LIKE(ing) something! Plus, you’re article about this organization was well written and very interesting. I will LIKE BBT. And, don’t forget, I LOVE you! :o)


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