hey, bert. you awake?

I have just made an interesting stride in self-discovery. It seems that- in terms of personality quirks and interpersonal tendencies- I have found my proverbial mirror. And here he is:

That’s right. Ernie. If you have ever wanted insight into my personality or behavior patterns, but have for some reason been lacking the courage to ask me, look no farther. You have found your answer[s]. Here are a few similarities I noticed when conducting some research on the matter [And yes, it is a lot of work looking through pages of genius vintage Sesame Street on YouTube for the perfect clips. But for you guys, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make]:

Ernie can be a bit overbearing.

I admit it. I like to talk to my friends. . .  often. I like to keep them abreast of my goings on. It’s very important to me that they are involved in my life. . . and sometimes it seems like I can’t live without them. In the end, they are very patient and gracious. They remain “just a phone call away” no matter how many times I call.


Ernie is sneaky [and snarky, at that].

Ernie will sometimes go to great lengths- even if he has to trick Bert- in order to be able to his favorite things. And he tends to exhibit a bone-dry wit while doing so. But, you have to admit, he’s so doggone cute no matter what! And that’s what matters, right?

Ernie can be noisy/messy/clumsy and otherwise not-so-glamourous.

He’s loud. He’s boisterous. He’s socially heightened when no one else is. He likes to stay up past his bedtime, and expects everyone else to do the same in order to keep him company. I tell you, the more I learn about Ernie, the more I understand what I must be like to live with- and the more I appreciate the kind and gentle souls who do.

In the end, he just wants to help.

As silly as he is, as not-quiet as he is, and as many hairs as he may have caused his friends to pull out by the root, Ernie just wants to help in the end. He just wants to spent time with his best buddies, or tell them a great story, or get them out of a jam. His approach may be unorthodox, but it is sincere and genuine.

So, as usual, the credit goes to all of you for putting up with so many of my antics so often and for so long. In case there was any doubt in your minds, you are all my best buddies. And I couldn’t be who I am if you all weren’t right there with me- willing to be in the same boat.

What can I say? The Street can teach us a lot about ourselves.



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