day tripper

This year- along with being the Year of Continuing to be Unemployed and the Year of Still Not Moving Out of My Mom’s House– is the year of Reading the Epic Series. Having kicked things off with the Harry Potter Re-Read, I have since moved on to the Chronicles of Narnia, with Tolkien to follow his BFF Clive Staples.

Just thinking about thinking about reading LOTR [what the cool kids who want to save the trouble of typing 14 extra letters call the series] puts something to mind. I am really  wanting to get out of dodge.

But thanks to being forced to dance Tango of Constant Disappointment with the Federal Government and Social Security, I can’t afford to travel right now. If my life was a scene from LOTR, it would look like this.

I have to admit, my inner Hobbit is disappointed. She may even be a little bitter and jaded. The past few years, I have been able to take at least one annual excursion. And this year, I just don’t know if that’s happening. I could go the George Costanza route and make up a charity. But something tells me that may not necessarily remove obstacles in my efforts to continue using my nonprofit experience in a meaningful way.

The main thing I need to be able to afford things is money. And the main way I can think of to obtain money is to be employed. Oddly enough, volunteering and fielding rejection letters don’t seem to be accomplishing either of these goals very effectively [even if they each have their share of valuable and astringent life lessons in tow].

So, my itch to travel has not yet been scratched. How else can I assuage the urge to see new things, reunite with old friends, or consider possibilities outside the same old things I’m used to doing. Train hopping might be a bit too dangerous. Hitchhiking is beyond creepy, and taking up handyman jobs to make an extra buck may not be the most practical option either [although I can certainly fit into a crawl space].

I suppose-for now-I’m sticking to books.


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