elementary, my dear watson?

Confession: when I was little- as a precursor to my excellent ability to stay within the realm of reason when it comes to matters of the heart-I wanted to marry Batman. Not Michael Keaton; the Dark Knight himself. He had captured my heart and driven away with it in his rocket-powered car as fast as he could.

To this day, I wonder if he still has it: locked in a vault somewhere deep inside his muti-million dollar estate; or perhaps amidst other quirky gadgets and gizmos, in his cavernous secret hideout.


Although I don’t think the six-year-old me would have been prepared for Bruce’s emotional baggage, I do recognize that some things start early, when it comes to what intrigues us about others. . .  and it’s nothing material.

I have never been one for fancy cars or houses: I tend to break and lose anything, especially if it is something of real value.

What I think is cool-and enviable- about Batman and others like him, is his air of mystery. He was content with only a few people knowing his secrets. He never shouted his good deeds from the rooftops, and often did his most noble things in secret.

painting by Sam Day, and most accurate depiction of my interpersonal approach

I have always been jealous of the mysterious people; I wish I had their ability to move about in the shadows,  and to be content with only showing the world a little of who they are. I am about as difficult for people to read as the big E atop the Eye Chart.

In the same vein, I have never been good at being aloof, coy, or playing hard to get. Who I am, what I think, and how I feel just seem to explode out of me, whether I give voice to my inclinations or not.

Apart from “biting my tongue” and batting my eyelashes, I have no idea how I-an unabashed extrovert– could get anywhere in my quest to be mysterious.

I don’t want to evade questions, or put up walls between myself and others. But it would be neat to be able to keep people wondering; to figure out a way to hold some cards while putting others on the table. It’s tricky, when it comes to the interpersonal: I am always ready to know and be known. But there are times when the thought of a mystique is appealing.

I don’t really have any well-defined answers or practicals at the moment. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher for someone who can keep anyone else’s secrets but her own.

I think a black cape might make my brainstorming a lot more effective. Maybe I’ll get one and get back to you on my progress. Or maybe I won’t.


3 thoughts on “elementary, my dear watson?

  1. Kathy Kane, Julie Newmar. They did all the mysteriousness crap and lost. With your open wysiwygery you would dominate these losers. I say make your play for the Batman.


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