you say tomato, i say a motto

It’s that time again: the time to think about all the ways that this year has disappointed us, and to muse that the coming year will be a never-ending Utopia of Awesome. In other words, the jig is up, 2010: hand everything over, cash in your chips. Your number has been called.

I can haz rezelushun

Apparently, I was feeling rather ambitious this time last year. I had not one, but two New Year’s Resolution related blogs. I won’t belabor you with the details, because I shamelessly link to my own content, and you are all very literate people.

I can say, though, that I actually read both of these this morning- to assess my progress, and overall, I did alright. I bought and learned chords and tuning for a new instrument. I managed not to go ‘in the red’ financially. And I was better about keeping track of tasks and time in planners, task managers, etc. So, in light of resolutions rather than circumstances, my year was decent, and I am not a profound disappointment to humankind.

If I’m being honest with myself- a curse lately, that doesn’t seem to be lifting- these past couple years have not been my favorite ones of the epoch. Mainly because I hate the feeling of life, or anything, being stagnant, and not many of my circumstances have changed. Of course, I have learned and grown a lot in ways that are intangible, and have spent much time learning from the wonderful people that I surround myself with. But I digress.

More important than a set of goals and objectives- as if anyone’s life can be mapped out like a business plan in the first place- it seems that this year I should have a more ‘big picture’ aspiration. I need a guiding principle, or, as my best friend would like to hear it put, a motto. After some deliberation, and a mighty effort to avoid cliches, I think I have arrived.

“Be Here Now” seemed like the best way to verbalize the attitude I’m going for  without sounding like an Oprah guest or one of those single-word Motivation posters.

As my friend Gail is fond of saying, this year it’s going to be all about “looking at my feet”. In other words, 2011 is for focusing on where I am right now. From there, I can concentrate on being thankful for what I have, try to learn from it when I can, or just own the feelings I have as they come and go; without dwelling on too much negativity.

Moreover, I figure the more ‘present’ I try to be, the more I will end up being proactive, and the more I will participate in my friendships and relationships.

Hope that’s not being too smaltchzy. I am listening to the Black Keys, thereby feeling an  immense pressure to be smooth.

I hope you all have fun bidding farewell to the year that deserves to get picked last for kickball. Break out the bubbly, turn on Dick Clark [or Ryan Seacrest, to be both more accurate and more disappointing], or go to bed the same time as always. . .

Do whatever it takes; shake it off; the past will have passed, and you will be given hundreds of brand new days. Own them.

Here’s to the here and now.


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