put a ring on it? 10 songs for the single

Apparently, I enjoy a good song, or at least talking about how much I enjoy songs. I like happy songs, mellow songs, and even the occasional seasonal song. And, like every other arena of life, I like to incorporate a little good, old-fashioned mockery into my musical critiques from time to time.

“Why write about songs?” someone may ask, “You’re not a songwriter; you only sing at karaoke, and you’re supposed to write about what you know.” And Someone may, on some level, be right. Sometimes.

Because apart from growing up in a landmark city in the history of music, and having friends and acquaintances with a combined musical talent that is larger than a Central American isthmus nation, I have little cause to write about music with the mind of a critic.

However, there is one ‘area’ in which I am a confirmed expert. And, lucky for my credentials, my area of expertise has also been a muse for singer/songwriters for eons.

I present to you now some Songs for the Single. To guide you to the appropriate selection, please note the headings.

[**My apologies for John Mayer’s multiple appearances in this post. Part of that has to do with him being my imaginary spouse; the rest has to do with him apparently being one of the loneliest, most wistful people on planet Earth.]

If you are currently experiencing (or would like to experience) Pining or Longing:

1. “If it Kills Me” (EP Version) (Jason Mraz)

2. “Love Song for No One” (John Mayer) (an early version, from the American Eagle spokesmodel/Funny Faces era)

If you want to feel (or are feeling) Liberated:

1. “King of Anything” (Sara Bareilles)

2. “Single Ladies” (Pomplamoose version)

3. “Steer” (Missy Higgins)

To wallow in Sadness (or any array of other Negative Emotions):

1. “Tin Man” (the Avett Brothers)

2. “Grey Room” (Damien Rice) (Of course, this subheading applies to every song he’s ever written. But they are completely beautiful and poignant songs, so he is worth investigating on your more melancholy days.)

If you want to feel Hopeful (or at least On Your Way):

1. “Die Alone” (Ingrid Michaelson)

2. “Perfectly Lonely” (John Mayer)

3. “Haven’t Met You Yet” (Michael Buble) (I am not the biggest “Bubble” fan, but this song has a special place in my heart. After a particularly disappointing experience, my best friend sent this to me; he thought it might cheer me up. He knows me too well.)

I was going to save this post for mid-February. But the holidays are often a lonely time for the unattached. So this is a friendly reminder to the Independents like me out there: you’re not alone. And to the “better halves” and “other halves” out there, hug one of your single friends and tell them they deserve the best.

They say something- or someone- great comes along when you least expect it. I’m not expecting anyone anytime soon. So, excuse me while I brace for impact. In the mean time, chins up, Solo Fliers.


One thought on “put a ring on it? 10 songs for the single

  1. Ok Feedback…since you know this is my area of expertise as well. The Avett’s Tin Man is my theme song. You know this. Damien Rice is the master of single wallowing. Cheers darlin’ et al. That song by my friend Mikey Bubbles is like xanex…fights the cold pricklies.

    oh..and kudos for working “isthmus” into your entry.


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