wintry mix : songs & poems for the season

Ever since I wrote this post, people around me have been finishing their sentences with “pa-rum-pa-pum-pum” and attempting to “celebrate me” places. In an effort to stem and turn such unforgiving tides, I come bearing gifts.

Here are 3 original poems, with 3 songs interspersed. I wrote the poems; they are meant to stand independent of the songs, as a series of short vignettes, with winter as the common backdrop and inspiration for all of them in some way.

[**Please note that a poet and a biographer are not always the same thing. But that every poem I write is, in some way, deeply personal.]


Your sweater is here on the chair

Just as you left

Arms dangling

With no one to hold

I shiver and ignore it

A needle tickles vinyl gently

Scraping away at memories

Treble clefs evaporate

Like smoke from cigarettes

I leave lights on to fall asleep

Clasping hands together

As if in prayer

I stroll with you

Through deep woods and dreams

To talk for hours about

The world we belong in

You kiss me and I remember

The scratch of worn wool

Your affinity for argyle

And the winter we never had


You and I build men of snow

Crafting with care each rounded belly

And bosom and head

One atop the other

While we discuss the finer points

Of coal eyes and modern warfare

Rushing inside with pink cheeks

I realize I love the way you look

For carrots and buttons

Pressing them together in our palms

We make our noses touch

And consider the merits of igloos


Herald angels sing

By the fireplace

Warming their hands

Discerning foreign tongues

And the contents of casseroles

A sleeping child in their midst

Whose hands once cradled

The rising stars


4 thoughts on “wintry mix : songs & poems for the season

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