besides world peace

I have never done a formal Wish List Blog before. At least not in Recent Memory- which, if you’re me, only accounts for the past three days or so. It seems like kind of an 8-year-old thing to do, and that is about 1/3 of my looming chronological age. So, if it weirds you out to read it, or if reading it makes you think Judgmental Things about me, just ask me for my opinion about a non-incendiary topic like religion or politics

All right, let’s get down to brass tacks.

1. Money & Gift Cards

"I'm funny *and* creepy."Some people are worried that giving cash or a gift card is impersonal and that it will not be appreciated. I can assure you that is only true if the recipient is someone who doesn’t like to Go Places or Do Things, in which case they would have no need for money or a gift card. Places and things are both personal favorites of mine, and such options would give me the chance to enjoy plenty of them. I would be most grateful.

Especially effective applications for Money or Gift Cards: Fido, Pangaea, Rose Pepper Cantina, Flying Saucer, Boscos, any other local cafe or coffeehouse, bookstore, music venue, salon, Target

Cost: However much you want it to be, that’s the beauty of this option.

2. Clue: the Office Edition

This is amazing. And one of the few concrete items I can clearly admit that I want. I’ll spare you the details of the pieces, the rooms, and the characters for the sake of not completely geeking out on you. But I will tell you that one of the weapons is a George Foreman grill. Oh, and you should know that if I have a birthday party and someone gives me this, I will want to play it immediately. Can’t decide if that helps my case or not.

Oh, and my guess? Michael killed Toby in the break room. With a Dundee.

Cost: $25-35 [Amazon has it, but I’m sure other places do, too.]

3. Music (Live)

I love a good show. There are a couple coming to Nashville in late winter that I am particularly excited about. First, these guys.

CAKE will be at the Ryman Auditorium- I think the 20th of January (or around there). Tickets can be bought directly from the Ryman box office during regular business hours- or through Ticketmaster.

Then there’s this guy.

I love Josh Radin, his beautiful voice, and his brilliant songwriting. I have been so ready for him to play a small venue once he gets here- and I got my wish, at least that part of my wish.

He is playing Cannery Ballroom on Feb 4. Tickets can be bought here.

Cost: $17 (advance)

4. Disregard Everything I Suggest and Just Be You


You know I heard somewhere something about giving and receiving. And we all know one is clearly better than the other. That being said, I am 100% serious that I make wish lists because they are fun. I enjoy wishing for things and making non-essential lists, so it is the perfect arrangement for me.

It is not a mandate, not even a suggestion, or a formal request. My best gifts over the years have been found in the company and the experiences themselves. [Remember that Miss America interview- practice, practice, practice.] I have also received fabulous handmade gifts and creative spins on common gifts [personalized coupons rather than gift cards, the favorite book of the gift-giver, mix CDs, etc].

By the way, it has been an odd time of year for me personally and fiscally, but if I tell you your gift is forthcoming, I mean that. And you can hold me to it.

All in all, I have left front teeth, true love and diplomatic understanding for later, I simply beseech you all: have a great, peaceful season of receiving blessing and giving thanks.


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