PHank you all

Unless you are a single-celled organism with a petri dish and a dream, not a whole Heckuva Lotta Progress can be made in the span of one day. For those of us highly evolved beings with things like feelings and reasoning skills to worry about, it takes a little longer than 24 hours to do certain things, including but not limited to:

  • Sort out Emotions
  • Figure out General Life Direction and Begin To Pursue it Contentedly
  • Build Rome

But one thing- in this time of sudden, abrupt Quarterlife Crisis- has become clear faster than you can say “Thinly Veiled John Mayer Reference“. My friends are ready to swoop in at a moment’s notice to save the day. [Or at least to keep me from kicking around a few puppies.]

But I got lucky.You guys are amazing. Whether it be my family, acquaintances made stronger through the far reaching bonds of Cyberspace, or the people who have to put up with me all the time,  you have all been so supportive and understanding. I barely have room in my heart for all your love and generosity. Even as I write this, people are taking the time to listen and to offer words of encouragement- or diversions- if I’m tired of spilling my guts.

Yes. No. Wait. What?

Maybe there is also a way for those two concepts to be related somewhere out there in the Universe.

There are many adages about difficult circumstances being a kind of Litmus Test to determine what your friends are made of. . . and you guys are basic…ally the best! I crack myself up.

I have no idea how things are going to pan out for me as I struggle to make my exodus out of another turbulent year. By 31 December, things could be coming up roses, or turning green under a shower of radioactive acid rain. Regardless, I am resolved not to feel alone, no matter how deep and wide my loneliness may appear to stretch of late.

Thank you all for ‘possessing my spine, bro‘ during these past few days.  As Filled-with-Processed-Cheese-Product as all this sounds,  it is true and it needed to be said. I would be Bonkers-Go-Nuts without the patience, humor, and honesty of all of these talented, attractive, and well-read people surrounding me.

And if nothing else, I am documenting how lucky myself and my stars are to have you fine folks around, for the sake of posterity*.

[*And for the sake of whatever future Blogger Superstardom may befall me at any moment.]


One thought on “PHank you all

  1. Beth ~ “we” are the lucky ones to know you. anyone who is related to or a friend of Beth is loved deeply. she has learned the art of loving unconditionally. love you, sweetie!


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