Tired of not having anything to read?

Need something to peruse whilst sweltering in your favorite-college-football-team- themed- Snuggie?

Been dying to hear some brooding, semi-abstract, not-actually-about-me poetry?

Good news!

This one is hot-off-the-presses.

“Clayton” is my very first foray- or at least my very first that I can remember- into non-autobiographical poetry. Call it an experiment for my writing group buddies,if you will [and you will]. This  little baby is still rough around the edges and needs edits, but I know my Literarily Inclined Comrades will not disappoint me on that point  come Thursday.

Feel free to go all High-School-English-Class [or all Oprah’s-Book-Club] on me and tell me what you thought I was trying to say. Whenever people do that, especially with my own writing, I am enlightened.

Do enjoy, no matter what. Kudos to any and all of you who can correctly identify the subject.



Big brown eyes

Dazed and speckled

With stardust and sorrow

Fear and loathing

Roll out of bed

Greet the masses

Remain aloof

Or they might suck you dry


Your airtight alibi

Avert your gaze

From millions

Of highway lines

Patterned dresses

Clamoring in crowded rooms

Lost in smoke and haze

And booze and piles

Of your practiced lies

Hour after hour

You see no one


Is all the same

Common as a middle name

Another day another girl

Another dollar

And a hundred thousand more

Just like them

Pressing up against each other


Searching with their eyes and hands

For battered philosophies

Trodden maxims

A single word to satiate

You find some eyes

To look into yourself

And something aches

To know another

To feel more

Than a phantom pain

To stand with touching fingers

Feeling every drop of rain

© bah2010


One thought on “Clayton

  1. um….i kinda love. “common as a middle name” is the highlight. Ann…Lynn….Leigh…Marie….Elizabeth.

    Can I be in your writing group when I am all healed.


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