things i forget

Wow, guys. It has been so long since I’ve posted anything. It’s been even longer since I’ve added a chapter to my short story. I really am sorry.

The irony is, I have been doing so many things worth writing about of late, and I haven’t had time to put pen to paper. Along with updating my friends on my goings on and my creative processes, I have realized there are a few other things I tend to forget.

Serving Others is Pretty Great: I was able to go to camp this past week and a half- which is part of the reason I haven’t blogged- my workdays are much too strenuous to lend themselves to the synthesis of verbal brilliance. My experiences there never cease to teach me volumes. In particular, I am constantly reminded that serving others is indeed pretty great. When I give to another person through service, I am cultivating peace and compassion. I am practicing love.

My Friends are My Heart: Over the past couple of weeks, my dear friend Kimmie has been in the hospital. Since she is the pint-sized, stylish female counterpart to Chuck Norris, I am not too worried about her. Nevertheless, not being able to see her the past couple of weeks and knowing that things have been a little rough on her has reminded me just how interconnected we are with those we love. Because I have wanted to march right down there and punch each of her difficulties in the neck, one by one.

To avoid getting too mooshy gooshy on the topic of friends, I’ll add another facet to their importance in my life: tough love. About a week ago, I was on a mini-road trip back from camp with a friend of mine. We were in the car for a few hours, and he spent most of it giving me the What-For about things I need to do; stones in my life left unturned. The good news for me is that this particular person is very tactful at the same time that he is straightforward. So it was obvious to me that the root of his little tirade was his belief in me and my ability to get things done. I’ll have to try and remember that the next time a piece of honest advice starts to make me squirm

Grace, Mercy, Peace: G*d loves me. He wants me to be happy. He wants me to have peace. And I remembered today when I was reading and saying my prayers that all He requires of me is to be present and ready to accept and receive those things. This makes sense. I don’t love those I love because they deserve it, because they are fulfilling a list of requirements, etc. It’s because I take pleasure in their happiness.

I will admit that I have always really struggled with consistency when it comes to reading the Bible and praying (daily). I have never been good at even the simplest routines in that regard, and it causes me a lot of frustration. But I find it fascinating that when I return to my place of prayer, even reading one verse and telling G*d a few worries and joys lifts from my heart a huge burden. This may be a lesson I have to learn over and over again, but I hope writing it down will bring me one step closer to having the memory of an elephant.

And if I don’t have Wi-fi, I can always tie a little string around my finger.


One thought on “things i forget

  1. great post …. love the part about Kimmie being the “pint-sized, stylish female counterpart to Chuck Norris”! No doubt about it! Love you!


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