i have been spending the evening chipping away at  a chapter for the Messengers that is proving particularly bothersome to work through. rather than let writer’s block completely overtake me, i have decided to indulge my whimsy. here are some things i like. in alphabetical order. or alphabethical order, if you please. in order to trick you into reading all the way through it, i have placed what i am pretty sure is the Most Adorable Video Ever Made at the bottom of this post. but don’t scroll down and cheat. cheaters aren’t as pretty as honest folks. there are studies.

a is for animaniacs: my favorite cartoon

b is for buttered popcorn: yes, i would like extra.

c is for coloring: with crayons, preferably

d is for dogs: i know that is not entirely original, but it is entirely true. i love dogs.

e is for elizabeth bennett: the jane austen character that i (wish i was the) most like

f is for friendly jugglers: specifically the one in london who paid my bus fare

g is for giraffe: my favorite animal, an animal whose kick happens to be able to DECAPITATE A LION

h is for high fives: watch the other person’s elbow, you’ll never miss one again.

i is for ice cream: plain chocolate is my favorite. perhaps that makes me a purist. but not a plainist.

j is for jeepers: because i use that and other retro words in common speech

k is for kaleidoscopes: oooh, mesmerizing.

l is for lowercase letters: they are friendlier than capitals.

m is for mustaches: not just for absolute and total creepers anymore.

n is for noodly entrees: particularly ones covered in alfredo or other creamy sauces.

o is for o: damien rice’s first album; listen to it right now. you truly do not have anything better to do.

p is for pacifists: they are foxy.

q is for queueing: my favorite way to refer to one of my least favorite activities.

r is for restless: because i’m an insomniac who wants to know where to go in life. double whammy.

s is for silly goose: i am one. that is a metaphor.

t is for tennessee: where my heart is. that is also a metaphor. and a truth.

u is for uncooked fish: + seaweed+ rice = delicious

v is for very hungry caterpillar: i am not one. however, it is the first book i can remember being my favorite.

w is for wilde: if only he had been alive a century later (and had liked girls)

x is for xylophone: my niece plays the little-kid version like a punk rock drummer. hecks yes.

y is for you: you are a dandy.

z is for zip: a character in my first full length children’s story. he also happens to be a robot.


4 thoughts on “aBc

  1. I love this idea. I fully plan on stealing it and using it in my blog. I will of course give you props. And if Oscar Wilde was still around- pretty sure I would have to fight you for him.


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