Time Out (a Poem)

I was too shy to hold your hand

To figure out if our fingers fit together

Like gears in a clock

My hopes would click and spin

And whirl around and chime

My heart would tick and tock

When you smiled

But we ran out of time

I was too quiet to tell you that

I waited by the phone for you to call

To walk with me to the dining hall

Half past six would come and go

Overcooked meat and curly fries

Got cold as I would watch your eyes

But we ran out of time

I was too young to understand so you

Were in my best laid plans

Spread out as far as the eye can see

As far as I knew it was you

And me and we were going to always be

But we ran out of time

You were too soon

In leaving me behind for things

That I would never see or smell or taste

Or hear or have the reach to touch

Things in a world that weighed too much

We tried to listen and talk and such

And tell each other that things would all be fine

But we ran out of time

It’s been too long

Since I have heard your voice

The fragile words that held your heavy choice

Like sand within the glass you slipped away

From me so fast

I tried to rub away the past

To wipe you from my heart at last

To clear you finally from my mind

Once and for all and to be free at last

But I ran out of time

– BAH (15 July 2010)


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