stealing from a priest (and other things i’ve been up to)

How’s everyone? Comfortable? Sitting down? Good, good.

Since I owe you at least one overused metaphor per post, I’ll take care of that straight away. And I’ll make sure to be vague, in order to sound smarter and more original. Of late, living my life has been like riding a particularly tumultuous amusement park attraction. There have been ups, and downs. Sometimes things have gotten a bit twisty. And sometimes, I have just felt like barfing.

Here’s what’s actually been going on in the Beth-O-Verse:

  • Exiting the Wormhole: Finally got to a stopping point on a very long and involved data entry project I was working on, and was able to be compensated for it. This has increased my motivation to sit at the computer to engage in activities I enjoy most.
  • Not Finding What I’m Looking for: Bono style. Still job hunting, still having to rethink what that means for me. Still tossing around new avenues. The latest incarnations being considered are: furthering my education, gaining education in a new field, or helping others with regard to their education. That last one refers to private tutoring, the most practical thing to explore out of that batch. I have taken some first steps, printed some fliers, posted a Craigslist ad, and began to network with people I know who teach. But getting started is intimidating and not immediately gratifying- since it is the summer season and the demand for tutors is not as great.
  • Putting Pen to Paper: Sort of. Writing, at any rate. And it’s all moving, but slowly. But it’s kind of like finding a bug in your house: if it’s still moving around a bit, then you know it’s not totally dead yet.

There are a lot of unknowns right now. Will I ever be able to do something I enjoy- or have a job I don’t necessarily “enjoy” that will give me the means to continue at other things more pleasant? Will I ever have a book published? Will I ever be able to reign my emotions in and show them where they should go?

Those are all rhetorical, thank goodness.

Since I am running short on inspiration, I borrowed some for the time being. Without intention of returning it. On Sunday, our Gospel reading was the teaching of Jesus that worrying adds nothing to our lives, and that G*d knows what we need. Later that afternoon, Fr. Stephen shared some thoughts with us at the luncheon that were equally encouraging. Among them: making sure we take time each day to realize that Life itself is different from the Circumstances in Life, and that Life itself is a gift given to us by G*d. And that He has always meant for it to be inherently good.

It will help me to remember this during this often uncertain- and usually frustrating- time in my life. And sharing wisdom is one of the best ways to use it.


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