the reason for moonlight

The Reason for Moonlight (a love story)


The Sun and Moon were sat one day

Beneath a shady tree

While on a picnic with the Clouds

On blankets by the sea.

The Sun said to the Moon,

“My dear, how do you look so fair?

How does your beauty shine so bright

That poets gawk and stare?”

The Moon looked at the Sun and blushed;

Her laugh drew in the tide.

She called the Clouds around her

To have a place to hide.

The waves wanted to eavesdrop.

They clamored for the shore

While Sun peered through the fog at Moon

To marvel and adore.

“Come out from there, my darling.

The stars are looking pale.

Without your smile to guide the night

Its sweet air will go stale.”

Then Moon emerged and sent the Clouds

To bed upon the grass.

They tickled all the blades with dew

And made them shine like glass.

Sun peeked over the Earth at Moon

To flirt away the days.

Her glances made him clumsy

He scattered all his rays

One day Moon called Sun over

To whisper in his ear,

“I will tell you now the secret

Of my beauty, Sun, my dear”

“You are my secret,” said the Moon,

“I shine because of you

My face would be so cold and grey

Without your light, it’s true.”

“There’d be no night without the day.

The world would not repose.

And it will have no need for me

Unless you hold me close.”

Sun made a vow to Moon then

To keep her as his own

To watch the World with her

And leave her not alone.

His gaze is on her even now

Embracing her in beams

And filling Earth between them

With days and nights and dreams.


4 thoughts on “the reason for moonlight

  1. I love love love this poem!!!! This could be beautifully illustrated for a child or adult. Wow … you wrote this????? I love it and YOU!


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