15 things i wish i could do

1. Teleport

2. Write backwards

3. Be ambidextrous

4. Play an instrument (not in the “learning how” kind of way, but the “how Yanni plays the cello way”. He does play the cello, right?)

5. See New York City

6. Talk to animals (in a selective way, not the Dr. Doolittle-esque “hearing animals constantly whether I want to or not” way)

7. Be the voice of a character in an animated film

8. Write like any of the following: Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, Paolo Coehlo, Roald Dahl, e.e. cummings, or Tim Burton

9. Have a secret admirer (I’m not sure how I’d know if I got this wish or not. I guess it would depend on the fellow’s Secret:Admirer ratio.)

10. Connect the dots in such a way that they actually make a picture

11. Discover that there is a guy out there with the talent, charm, and amazing-dashing-good-lookingness of Gene Kelly.

12. Both tell people exactly how I feel AND have some kind of notarized guarantee that doing so wouldn’t change things adversely.

13. Afford going to the salon every day

14. Say “I’m a writer” when someone asks “What do you do?” and believe it.

15. Just get on a plane and go


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