i can’t Formylate- and 6 other random lessons

Since I am in for the night- and have been for a while now, there is really no excuse for me not generating any new blog content for you today.

[I have found myself in better spirits since committing to update the blog daily- unless I am crazy busy or become part of the witness protection program- so I have to stick to it, even when it becomes difficult. Most of you sarcastic ones out there will point out that by the time I post the day will already be gone. To that I say, I am going by the Mayan calendar!]

Being completely sans ideas, and without a hat to draw them from, I discovered the next best thing: the Random Word Generator (Plus). This site is exactly what it sounds like. But rather than it’s predecessor, this one generates more than just common nouns. You can choose from the following parts of speech:

  • Noun
  • Adjective
  • Verb (transitive)- a verb with an object
  • Verb (intransitive)- a verb without an object
  • Adverb
  • Preposition

This is entertaining for the word nerd, and great news for the writer. It’s perfect to give your creative thinking a jump start, by forcing you to find context for any word you can imagine, from “speak” to “fangoriously“.

So tonight, an experiment- don’t worry, I never conduct them on animals.

I will randomly generate one item per each part of speech,  elaborating on its context in my life, or in the Scheme of Things. Each item will be on the “obscure” end of the verbal spectrum, since I am up for the challenge, and need to have some secret weapons for my scrabble arsenal. [Note: the site does not provide definitions, but I will include them here, since I do not expect the meaning of these terms to be obvious to anyone, least of all, me.] Oh, and if the web doesn’t offer a definition- as is the case for at least one word so far- I will do what any self-respecting person would do . . . guess.

I hope it leads you to explore the site on your own: whether to find new paths of thought for  meditation,  more muses for your writing, or just ways to jumps start impressing others with your good diction

1. Noun: Antisensitivity

  • Definition: None
  • Guess: If I was being literal, I’d go with “not” sensitivity, which would be “insensitivity” if we polished it up a little. A second route would be to go with “against” sensitivity, which sounds funny. Although I must say, I have encountered at least one or two people in my life who seem to have taken that position.
  • Context: I am definitely not antisensitivity. In fact, I’m all for it. But I try not to be hypersensitive- that is, I try not to take things too personally or to worry too much about being politically correct.

2. Adjective: Nonliturgic

  • Definition: None
  • Guess: Non-liturgical, which would refer to a church service that did not follow a formal set of fixed patterns. [i.e. the priest says something, then the congregation replies]
  • Context: The primary context of this idea would be one of irony, as this term defined my entire spiritual experience prior to about a year ago, when I began attending a church where the services have been liturgical for centuries. The moral of the story? Never say never. G*d has a sense of humor. And He loves to laugh.

3. Transitive Verb: Formylate

  • I couldn’t even understand the definition for this word and wouldn’t have been able to explain it with Mirriam Webster himself there to guide me. But I can tell you one thing: it has something to do with mixing elements of chemicals together and important things happening as a result.
  • This leads me to the context: I am no expert in chemistry- in any way that term could possibly be understood.

4. Intransitive Verb: Mythopoetizing

  • Definition: producing myths or mythical poetry
  • Context: Myth is more than untruth. It is storytelling designed to teach, inspire, and point to deeper truths. That in mind, I am crossing my fingers to never stop mythopoeticizing, so help me, Hercules.

5. Adverb: Unsacramentally

  • Definition: None
  • Guess: Not-sacramental; sacramental meaning something which appears to be of earthly nature actually having divine significance or effect.
  • Context: I fear I too often live my life nonsacramentally; that is, outside of or apart from the sacred. Or perhaps a better way of phrasing that would be that I ignore it, whether actively or passively. Because when I’m being honest, I realize this: it is impossible to separate myself from the sacred. It is all around me. It is within me. That is a powerful, yet comforting reminder.

6. Interjection: Aneuch

  • Definition- Enough
  • Context- Do I know my limits? For the most part, I’d say yes. I know what pushes my buttons, what grinds my gears, and what renders me less-than-responsible. Of course, there is always a learning curve when it comes to things like self-control, or just being aware of how far out the boundary lines for your sanity are placed. But for the most part, we become acclimated with the passage of time. However, there are times when limits should never be imposed. There are times where I should never say: that’s it, Life. No more. I’ve had aneuch.

7. Preposition: Sur

  • Definition: (as a prefix) over, above, upon
  • Context: Isn’t that what live is about? Seems that way to me- seems like life is a continual progression over hurdles, above obstacles, upon new experiences

So: let’s recap: I’m all about awkward chemistry, rising above difficulties, and embracing the Sacred. What about you? What random gems can you find in obscurity?


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