it’s a RECESSion!

Everyone! Everyone! I have great news! We’re in a recession!

A RECESSION! Has any one of us stopped to think about the implications of this?

R-E-C-E-S-Sion: are you following me yet? Okay, okay! Well, I’m about to start [somehow] hopping up and down in a seated position if I don’t tell someone now.


Our entire nation is in a state of RECESS! This is incredible, people.

But I must admit: it certainly doesn’t look like any recess I’ve ever been a part of out there.

From every vista, the world seems shrouded in black and grey, with every face looking straight through the other: bleak, grim, downcast. The unemployment rate seems to be rising, exceeded only by taxes, if not by interest rates. Wall Street is shaky one day, and in shambles the next. The news announcers give us blank, vacant stares as they repeat to us in one, unvaried tone the words of the politicians:”Things are going to get worse before they get better”.

These people have obviously never had a proper recess in their lives. And if they’re going to go around declaring us to be in some sort of National State, I feel it’s up to us as their voting constituents to point out this rather significant oversight. We obviously need to give these people a hand.

And I think we can. Once, at a street crossing downtown, I spotted a particular man in a business suit. From afar, he looked as you might expect: handsome, clean shaven, well-dressed; minding his own more-responsible-than-me beeswax and trying to make it  back to work on time after his lunch break.

But when I looked closer, I saw he was close to my age. His suit sagged ever so slightly on his shoulders. His eyes had the glint of youth. In that moment, he was no longer a man, just a slightly taller boy. And I looked down and noticed my own pants were too long, and my dress shoes slid about my feet. And I wondered how many more of us there might be in this big, grey world who are nothing more than seasoned children, staging plays in our parents’ clothes, making our most important faces.

Maybe we’ll soon discover there are a lot of us. Kids of all ages and sizes and heights, with all sorts of degrees, and resumes, and important initials surrounding our names. And maybe we’ll finally see things anew.

We’ll realize , yes. there is a bit of an economic downturn. But  that’s probably  because everyone has been out playing hopscotch and tether ball. We’ll see in the paper that the stock market is erratic- and we’ll know it’s because everyone’s brains are still all scrambly from riding the merry-go round  at top speed, with their arms outstretched like airplanes, giggling and open-mouthed.

Life is serious. And there are serious things and serious people and serious places all about. I am certainly not suggesting that life should be anarchy, free from all responsibility, forsaking maturity and growth.

But we are all children, and children make messes. In time, they learn how to clean up and build and repair the damages. And they grow, and they heal, and they become strong. And yet, they play.


One thought on “it’s a RECESSion!

  1. So instead of “all the world’s a stage”, what you’re saying is that it should be “all the world’s a playground”?? I could back that. For srs.

    Also, since you couldn’t see it, here is my poll answer for all your repeat viewing pleasure:
    “They would be tall, lanky, with ‘sticky-uppy’ hair, wear a suit and Converse, speak with British accents and could only be defeated through loads of snogging.” 😀


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