i have been to the. . . hilltop?

There are a few times in our lives that we would classify as Mountaintop Experiences: weddings, births, graduations, realizing that you got a heart drawn in your latte foam. . . but today I was thinking that there have to be smaller victories along the way- to keep you going. There are few other topographical life metaphors that are actually positive. Either you’re stuck in the depths of a valley, fighting your way out- or you’re aimlessly wandering an endless plateau, your only company the occasional armadillo or tumbleweed.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you: the Hilltop Experience. It’s just like in real life: a mini-mountain. Still took lots of effort to get there, and you still get a great view. But upon reaching the summit- in the moment you realize your accomplishment, you also realize this is just another step on your way to the mountain: a chance to experience clarity before another plunge or another climb.

Today – technically yesterday- I reached my first Hilltop of the year: I finished the first draft of a children’s story that I have been working on for many months now. Oddly enough, the protagonist lives in a hill. [Don’t worry, it’s not a hobbit.]

As soon as I got done reading it aloud for my family, I started to see errors. I started to think about the quest for a publisher and how difficult that will be without an agent. [Luckily, there is some networking I can do to help me get started with my next steps for publication. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed about that.]

There is a lot more to think about, a lot more to do. And if I am going to really commit to being a writer, I have to give all the other avenues I mentioned time and energy. Each set of goals has its own daunting landscape. But for this moment, I am breathing in deep on the hill- I am gazing at the beauty of the mountain. It is barely a silhouette, shrouded in fog. But I can see it.


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