2010: the year of the Uke

It is decided. The tribe has spoken. In addition to tackling my anti-resolutions, I have a few more ingredients to throw in to the MMX.  Call them goals, hobbies, or habits, whatever tickles your fancy. They are a series of quests: a few prizes in my eyeses, tangible laurels to ascertain. Unlike the resolutions, which were more commitments related to mind change and paradigm shift, this lot is practical and concrete.

Here we go.

1. Daily Devotional: Yes, I cheated . I just said these goals weren’t related to the metaphysical. But this one has a practical element, I promise. To complete this practice successfully means a more solid foundation on which to build all the other pursuits. In the basic sense, it means my goal is to have at least one time a day of prayer and meditation on Scripture. I am not going to stick to a certain time of day, or any other specific format. I figure freedom within those basic parameters is the way to go.

2. Volunteering: Specifically, this undertaking will be to become a volunteer at the Nashville Public Library in the children’s section of the library, with a long term goal of being able to share a story with the children who come to explore the library with their families.

3. Writing: I have put out the appeal on Facebook for help from my friends with shaping some successful strategies for getting my writing read, received, and published, respectively. Miniquests within the Megaquest include: significant increase in blog readership/exposure, entering into writing contests, and submitting pieces to local, independent press.

4. Listing: Okay, so making lists is important. And it is not a particular strong suit of mine. [Although the irony of that statement in the context of this entry is pretty delicious.] So, I think I should start making more lists (whether it’s in my handy dandy new Moleskine™ planner or on my compy), and crossing off things as I accomplish them.

5. Musicology: I have decided to take up an instrument: the ukulele! There were several forces guiding this decision:

  • Having a hobby is good for you. Makes you feel useful and productive. Gives you a way of setting and accomplishing a series of goals
  • The Uke (as I like to call it) is a small instrument, and would be easier for me to handle than, say, a guitar or upright bass. [No reason to torment the girl with the bad motor skills, people.]
  • Not as many people play the Uke, relative to most instruments.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly:

  • The Uke is a decidedly adorable instrument: it is a known fact that there is a direct relationship between the  Adorable Quotient (AQ) of an individual and his or her proximity to, and adeptness with, a ukulele. And who doesn’t long for a higher AQ?

From the sound of this, there will be more quests in my life this year than an RPG. Commence the year of anti-resolution- on with the Year of the Uke!


7 thoughts on “2010: the year of the Uke

  1. Hey Beth: we’d love to have you — send me an e-mail and we’ll get the volunteer ball rolling! Plus, we’ve got some good writer events from time to time, so let me know if you want to get on our e-blast list. You’re a great writer, so here’s wishing all of your 2010 goals come true!


    • It was good to talk to you via email the other day, Deanna! I look forward to meeting you soon, and would love to show you some things I am working on for children. I would love to have you guys’ feedback!


  2. I think Jennifer had some great suggestions about writing. Maybe get her to help you write down some short range goals and start down your list. I love to read your writings. By the way, when is the next chapter of The Messengers coming out? Don’t leave me hangin’! LOVE YOU!


    • Ah, the Messengers- I am so stuck on that one right now, but at least I have another story movin’ around. And when you least expect it, they’ll be back!


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