the Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me?

Kermit Performs "Rainbow Connection"Occasionally someone comes into our lives that inspires us to be better, to do more, to think differently. Most people call someone like this a “hero”. Most of the time, this someone is a close relative, a friend, an athlete, a religious or political figure, etcetera.

Occasionally that someone is a small, talking frog who plays the banjo, sings, and rides a bicycle.

This is one of those blogs about one of those times. A child of the 80s, I was raised on Sesame Street and the Muppets in their Golden Years, when their best friend Jim Henson was still living. {He, a hero of mine, certainly, died in 1990; coincidentally the same year the world lost another brilliant mind and creative genius, Roald Dahl.} 

I loved them from as early as I can remember, and still love them. Most kids put away the movies and songs for more grown up things as they get older. But I must have slipped through the cracks, because the older I get, the more I appreciate them.

Kermit, I admire specifically because he is the embodiment of idealism with a very human dose of neuroses. He is intelligent, but retains his childlike innocence and wonder about the world and the living things in it. He is always there for his friends and values the opinions and ideas of children. He is happy. He is a free spirit. And he sings beautifully. He can get a little over-emotional, but always comes around in the end.

Undoubtedly, Kermit reflects his friend and mentor, Jim. The two of them have managed to impact the lives of millions of children who have become millions of grown-ups, who have, in turn, introduced their own children to the wonderful world of the little green frog with the little green collar {No one knows why he wears it!}. As someone who greatly admires and respects children, and has worked with and interacted with many of them already, that kind of an impact inspires me.  

So, Kermit, if you like to blog {I’m guessing you do, I mean, it rhymes with frog…}, perhaps you’ll run across my little tribute. Thanks for reminding me over and over that the world really can and will embrace an optimist with a childlike heart. If you need a duet partner, you know who to call.

Today I recommend:

Thinking outside of the box and asking yourself:

  • If my hero didn’t have to be a person, who would it be and why?

This entry has been brought to you by the letter “K”.


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