don’t hate, consolidate

Welcome to a new era, where I update my WordPress. Although I write in the same language here as the other avenues I use, (and probably have even fewer readers), I am appeased by the fact that you can read this without having to minimize a Jonas Brothers video in your sidebar. I will be looking for ways to consolidate the MySpace Blog with In Case of Fire, some never-before-seen writing from personal journals, and the poetry and musings posted on Facebook. 

Today is a gorgeous, scorching day here in Hipville, where I have acquired an honorary sort of dual citizenship. I am surrounded by people gazing longingly into the faces of their sparkling Apple computers, signing away their lives to record companies and label execs, looking absentmindedly at passing traffic, and shyly avoiding eye contact with attractive, mysterious strangers. I am performing an undisclosed combination thereof, but not offering sufficient focus to any one of them in a way that might garner results, thanks to the copious amounts of caffeine in my daily double espresso.

This weekend will be magnanimous. I am jet-setting to Denver , Colorado, where I am meeting up with the intrepid Noam, my partner in humor and misadventure, for a few days of hijinks that include, at bare minimum, a chocolate factory and a haunted hotel. 

It will be my last tango with freedom before (re)entering the 9 to 5 universe (an alternate one, I’m convinced). This will be version 2.0 of an internship I had before I went to graduate school. This time, I will no longer be a  lowly part-time intern, but a more-powerful-to-a-negligible-degree-if-at-all full-time intern. I love the people I work with in this office and the work the office does. So although the schedule will take some getting used to, I am so glad to have a regular income drawing nearer to realization. 

The other thing that makes this a laudable group of people to work with is that they are offering me this position in the interim. In other words, they are allowing me to work, and giving me the freedom (encouraging me, at that) to move on to permanent full-time employment. And that elusive permanent full-time employment is looming. Since it is not 100% certain, I won’t disclose it to the Internet, even though I know there are only a few people that use the newfangled thing anyway. I will leave you and all the other web-heads in suspense.

Tune in for more. Tell your friends. Even the people you don’t like. It’s a nice gesture.

Today, I recommend:

  • An iced latte (you get what you pay for, I promise).
  • A book of short stories, such as Umbrella Man, a collection of stories by my favorite, Roald Dahl 
  • Light-hearted  poppy music (don’t worry, it will not significantly impair brain function– in moderation

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