the home stretch

School is almost over. I mean, really over. Like I will be done with school for all eternity in about 6 weeks. I cannot believe it. I still have so much to do. Too much to even contain in the vast void of the Internet. Piles and piles of stuff to be read and written and done and sent and not enough time or motivation or smarties inside of me to get it all done. At least that’s how it feels. The closest thing I can compare it to is the breaks going out at the top of a hill {bear with me even though I don’t drive}. You keep going faster and faster and it seems like there’s nothing to be done until you crash into a bazillion pieces at the bottom. So you hold your breath and hang on for dear life and hope you live through your epic collision with reality without having a steering wheel as a permanent appendage.

The thing about me is that I seem to perpetually get myself into academic rough spots. Not just because I procrastinate, which I do, but because I get overwhelmed. Yet, and here’s the interesting part, not only do I seem to work well, if not better, under pressure, but I have never been in a situation where I haven’t gotten everything done. So why do I worry so much? I’ve been here before, right? The Lord has gotten me through every other imaginable academic hurdle. There’s a great gospel song that says something like “I know He didn’t bring me this far to leave me”…and He didn’t. I’ve got to remember that.

In case I needed more evidence that the (near) impossible can happen, a more unified America than I have seen in a while elected a president of color in the same lifetime of millions of people who grew up victims of racism, prejudice, and segregation. Our president-elect represents hope and optimism, to be sure. But he has also proven to be forthright and proactive when faced with some pretty intense economic hurdles, not to mention international conflict and a high unemployment rate. He isn’t perfect (and isn’t claiming to be), but he is so much of what we seem to need right now. Just days after the election, he has already laid out an economic plan and has begun assembling a Cabinet, while meeting with the current administration to strategize for his transition. 

I was thrilled Tuesday night, and my excitement has continued as I think about the things that I’m hoping will happen for our country. Big things. And they’re getting closer, at least for the “whole”. I’m hoping that they’re around the corner for me, too.


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