About the Author

I am the author. There are a few and entities who know more about me than I do, namely G*d, my mom, and my two best friends, all of whom have rather demanding schedules and are consequently unable to keep a blog about myself and my goings-on. Consequently, here I am.

I should let you know upfront that this is not my first blogging site. Long ago, when I thought I was a witty, visionary teenager, I had a LiveJournal and a Xanga simultaneously. I gave both of those up due to lack of interest on the part of myself and my readers. I currently maintain a MySpace which I am going to figure out how to feed into WordPress, so help me, Power that Be. Because, let’s face it, even the name WordPress sounds more “legit” in terms of journaling online. MySpace implies that all my blogs WiLl B wRiTyN lYkE dIs, and I would like to stray away from that, if at all possible.

A word about the title: it is a reference to an interesting social reality I face as a person with a disability. At nearly every elevator in the world, you will find a sign that reads “In Case of Fire, Use Stairs”. While I would love to comply with this regulation/suggestion/reccomendation, I find myself, for whatever wheelchair-use related reason, a deviant.

So here I am, a blogger, a human, an admitted user of too many internet social networking sites, and an otherwise law-abiding occasional deviant from the expected. The pleasure is mine.


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